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The Free Accountant Go app enables you to collaborate with your accountant on the go, access digital tools and critical information all in one app.

What makes Accountant Go great

The Accountant Go app is the best mobile app to keep in touch and up to date with your accountant, with access to a whole host of tools to help you run your business more efficiently.

Free Communication

With built in free messaging features that allow you to communicate with your accountant in an instant.

One app to access all

Access any other service that you need to use to keep your business going, access KashFlow, Snap, Quickbooks, Sage, Xero and many more at the tap of a button

The Latest Information

Direct access to the most up to date content, tax dates, key rates, budget info, help sheets, calculators and more

Your Information

Accountant Go gives you direct access to the key information about your business. Means you'll never have to go hunting for those reference numbers again

How it works

Follow the simple steps below to download the app and get connected to your accountant and a world of useful information and tools.

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Search for your accountant

Search for your accountant and get connected.

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Use the app to get in touch with your accountant and start receiving updates on important news.

Accountant Go

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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Accountant Go app

Does it cost anything to use the app or send messages to my accountant?

No, the app is completely FREE to use including all of the messaging to your accountant, this includes picture messages so if you receive a letter from someone and want your accountant to take a look, simple snap and send.

I can never remember my UTR number, does that app show me it?

YES! because Accountant Go is built into your accountants practice, you get direct access to see your UTR number along with all other reference numbers such as tax district, registered number, accounts office reference, VAT number, PAYE reference and PAYE district number.

Both me and my accountant use other services like Openspace, Snap,  Quickbooks and Xero, isn't this just another online service or app?

NO! Definitely not, Accountant Go support integration with all other online or app platforms. Accountant Go becomes your app to access any other product or service.

What about data protection, is my information secure?

Of course, the app and the Accountant Go system is fully GDPR compliant and has been built with data security at it's core. We use the latest in encryption technologies and verification methods to keep your data safe. The app privacy policy can be found here


Download it now

Download Accountant Go from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for FREE!

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